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Upcoming Amyloidosis Symposium – April 18th

🙌 Physicians dealing with the pathogenesis of amyloidosis are welcome to join our 3rd 🧬Amyloidosis symposium 🧬 on Thursday April 18th in Salons de Romree, Grimbergen.

🗒️ Our chairs, Prof. Antoine Bondue & Prof. Jan De Bleecker will moderate the topic of “Recent advances in amyloidosis”, presented by Prof. Marianna Fontana  , Prof. Violaine Plante-Bordeneuve & Prof. Nathalie Meuleman.
Our chairs, Prof. Michel Delforge & Prof. Anne-Catherine Pouleur will moderate the topic “Amyloidosis: a definitive need for real world data”, presented by Dr. Philippe Debonnaire & Prof. Monique Minnema.

👉 Full program & registration via Amyloidosis Symposium (

🎬 Click on this link to discover the atmosphere of the last edition: Login Symposium 2022 – Amyloidosis Symposium (

🙏 to our industry partners Alnylam, Janssen, Pfizer, The Binding Site, AstraZeneca & BridgeBio for their valuable support


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