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Hybrid Amyloidosis Symposium

By 17 December 2021January 27th, 2022Geen categorie

Systemic amyloidosis (AA, AL and ATTR) is a group of diseases in which abnormal proteins build up in tissue. There are many different ways of manifestation of this disease. At the Amyloidosis Symposium, different medical specialists were brought together to provide  state-of-the-art insights in pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of amyloidosis. The program was developed  in collaboration with Prof. A. Bondue (Erasme Hospital Brussels), Prof.  K. Claeys (UZ Leuven), Prof. M. Delforge (UZ Leuven) and Prof. A-C Pouleur (UCL Louvain).

A sincere thank you to all the sponsors Alnylam, Janssen, Pfizer, The Binding Site, BridgeBio & Amgen who made the organization of this symposium possible.

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